Hello cast and crew! I’m so sorry I couldn’t be available for you tonight at your read through. Classic case of,  “you had ONE job!” In reality I have many jobs, one of which tore me away tonight, but I will be in rehearsal this week to introduce myself, make a short presentation and hand out information cards. Please feel free to come up to me at ANY TIME if you have questions or want to chat about a subject. I’d also love to get a coffee or lunch with anyone who wants to have a more in-depth conversation.

I’m excited for you all to explore the website. I’ve been working on this website since APRIL! I’m still adding new content as well, so if you come across one or two names that you see are still being worked on, have no fear. The Questions page features a form you can fill out that will automatically email me your submission. You can also email me directly at kb06889@georgiasouthern.edu or call and/or text me at 813.778.1906. 

This page is where all of the new content that I research will be posted. I will also tag the post with various keywords so it is easily searchable. To start off, Dr. Sarah McCarroll, our epic costume designer, sent me her research PowerPoint for you all to have access to. I always love looking at what she’s come up with!

Click here to view Sarah’s research.


I know you all killed it at the readthrough! SEE YOU SOON!!




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