Historical Drama Television and Film

Here is a fun party from Boardwalk Empire where they celebrate the end of Prohibition.

A club scene not unlike the feeling of the Chicago musical.

Here is a scene where featuring Frank and Al Capone with a look into the tensions and crime that defined the city.

This is a clip from The Untouchables where Al Capone talks to the press about bootlegging and the mob.

Another scene with an epic display of Mob Power.

Trailer for Bonnie and Clyde. It does look amazing!

This version of Bonnie reminds me of Roxie, or maybe a pre-murder Velma.

Stock footage of the scene where Bonnie and Clyde met their end.

Daisy fantasizing about Chicago.

It isn’t a party if it’s not a Gatsby party.

Mmmm Clark Gable. This is totally something any of the Murderesses would do!

And a link for the full movie.

I would not walk out on the street! Please note, Gangster Squad takes place in 1948!

This scene has some of everything!

Trailer for The Cotton Club. 

An interesting scene in the club.

And the full movie! It looks really good, and even has Richard Gere!


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