Sarah asked me to create a collection of reference photos so you can begin to think of how your hair will be styled. Roxie, Velma, Billy, Mama, and Amos can expect to be styled more true-to-period; Ensemble and Dancers can expect to retain more of a sleek, contained, Fosse look. Sexy hair for everyone! The only wigs that will be used in the show are for Velma and Veronica. I imagine the actor playing Veronica will be taking the wig off after Cell Block, but that is a Sarah question that she will address with you one-on-one.

*UPDATE: Here is a wide variety of styles predominately from the 1920s. The “Fosse” styles are the contemporary photos, mainly featuring slicked hair, especially in buns. As you can see from most of the photos, there is the Pinterest mignifyglass icon in the corner. I have a board entitled  “Chicago Research” where most of these are featured. If you want, you can add me on Pinterest with the name Kathryn Burrell.


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