Here are some period videos of circuses doing the same kinds of acts that are demonstrated in “Razzle Dazzle.”

Just a side note, clowns are not scary. Historically, and theatrically, clowns are not a device for scary stuff.








9a8ca360a5b715d61e5e64a5dccbaf0c89fbe11b6402e8ed2cc85eda7035deedcf8da084c240434986b2cc8e8abf22bfLife Visits the Circus in Florida- Acrobats and stage performers in various stages of action.circus-historical-society_rastellie5e4e51879643c4d16e7841c52d6db82globe-platesmsg-iii-preparing-for-a-circusplatesplate-spinning-dog-803x1024


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